On the October of 2019, NF Medicare decided to establish our own clinic, thus the first clinic Nur Fatimah was establish in Taman Langat, Banting.

As of 2022, we have expended our services in other part of Malaysia such as Petaling Jaya, Dengkil, and Kota Tinggi.


  • Our vision is to medical services that are accessible to all layers of the community and ensure that their health is in check.


  • To provide affordable and reliable medical services to the community.

  • To ensure our clinic services produce accurate and high-quality results by providing the latest facilities in the market.

  • To continuously develop and train our medical staff to nurtures competent and compassionate healthcare personnel.


  • We believe that health should be accessible to everyone regardless of their status, income, or race.

  • We believe by serving the community, it helps it to grow and developed.

Our clinic also has registered with trusted panels to ensures that everyone is accessible to affordable health services in the community.
Here are the list of panels that are avaliable only in our clinic.



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